Restaurant Design ideas and Mood Boards

As part of the process Space will present design ideas for your kitchen, bar or restaurant. Your Space Catering designer and planner will work with you throughout and we have in-house expertise in helping to create the perfect environment for whatever look and feel you are trying to achieve. Tying in multiple aspects of a cafe or restaurant can be a tricky process and can have a serious effect on the overall appearance, feel and sometimes the success of a design.

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3D Visuals

In keeping with modern restaurant design our project managers can show you your restaurant design plan and layout virtually using 3D visuals enabling you to step in to your project and feedback before a single penny has been spent.

Using the latest in Autodesk software, our experienced team of in-house designers can produce high quality 3D visuals to help realise a design or to help sell it to a prospective client. 3D visuals can be priceless in communicating a concept but more importantly bring it to life.

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3D Animations

Space Catering restaurant design consultants will help bring your kitchen layout to life.

This really is catering by design.

3D Animations are the next stage in 3D design. We can produce digital walkthroughs of your proposed design that can be viewed using any movie player. This can truly help a prospective client step into the scheme and is invaluable as a sales tool.

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