Frima Vario Cooking Centre

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Whether you run an à la carte restaurant or corporate canteen, prepare 30 individual portions or thousands of meals, cook overnight, under pressure or à la minute, the Vario Cooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® always offers the right solution for the individual requirements in your kitchen.

Superior technology for boiling, frying and deep-frying

  • Boiling, frying and deep-frying in one unit
  • Three times as fast
  • 40% Less energy

The right solution for your kitchen

  • Perfect in the restaurant.
  • Unbeatable for corporate catering.

Revolutionary – The VarioBoost™ heating system

The patented VarioBoostTM heating system will really speed up your cooking. The pan reaches 200°C in just 90 seconds and maintains the heat, even when it is filled with lots of cold food. The arioBoost‘s power reserve guarantees that energy is always on tap to ensure the required temperature is maintained.

VarioBoostTM cooks three times as fast: the highly compact, network-like heating structure distributes the heat absolutely evenly and thus prevents scorching.

With its patented pan base, the VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® is ready for use incredibly quickly. It also cools down again just as fast, in good time for the next batch.

VarioBoostTM only heats the pan base: The energy is transferred directly to the food – burning at hot pan edges and expensive energy wastage are now things of the past.

Fast searing without drawing out juices

Thanks to VarioBoostTM superior heating power is available at the pan base in just a few seconds. The Vario Cooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® unit‘s variable power reserve increases the searing capacity by more than 40 % compared to conventional tilting pans. The meat juices do not seep out, which reduces the use of raw ingredients by up to 20 %.

  • 50 portions of veal escalopes in 28 min in the Vario Cooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® 112 (rather than 66 min. in a pan)
  • 300 portions of turkey strips in 34 min in the Vario Cooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® 311 (rather than 95 min. in a tilting pan)

Sensitive products always succeed

The Vario Cooking Center MULTIFICIENCY® ensures a perfect cooking result without sticking due to the totally uniform heat distribution. The temperature is precisely maintained to within one degree throughout the cooking process. Even sensitive products are browned to perfection just as you want them without sticking or scorching.

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